EXO-Ls Frustrated And Angry At SM Entertainment After They Announced Super Junior’s Comeback

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EXO-Ls aren’t happy with SM Entertainment at the moment, its all because the agency seems to be ignoring their previously announced ‘release pipeline.’

They had previously released to media outlets their upcoming plans for their artists’ comebacks for the rest of 2018. According to the plan, EXO should have been the next artists to make a comeback after Girls’ Generation new subunit.

However, to the shock of many fans on September 17, SM Entertainment announced that Super Junior will be making a new comeback with seven members.

The new mini album will be released on October 8 and NCT 127 will release their first full album on October 12th.

Super Junior upcoming special mini-album is called “One More Time,” which will include 5 tracks. All of the songs will be a latin-pop genre that they’ve shown once through “Lo Siento.”

The upcoming comeback will not feature Heechul because of his injury, Kangin because of his DUI fallout and Sungmin because fans wanted him out after he got married.

EXO-Ls are now partially worried and partially furious, with two groups coming back in October and September coming to an end it seems that EXO’s comeback will most probably be delayed.

The comeback might happen later in October or early November according to many fans predictions.

It has been reported a couple of days ago that EXO have filmed their comeback MV, however, SM Entertainment kept silent on the exact comeback date since they said so many factors will play in determining the exact date, the editing period of their MV is one of the factors.

Super Junior wasn’t even in the pipeline release, however, its important to clarify that EXO-Ls are happy for Super Junior fans who will get to hear their oppas voices again soon, the fandom is angry and frustrated that EXO’s comeback will most probably be delayed again.

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