On September 21st great news from EXO’s Lay were released to the public. The shocking announcement of his plans to debut in America with a full-length album.

The album will be titled “NAMANANA” and will include 22 tracks in total, 11 of those tracks will be Chinese songs accompanied by the English version of each one.

The album is meant to serve as the catalyst for Mandopop (Mondrian Pop) in an attempt to make its mark in the global market similar to what Kpop has been able to achieve with BTS.

It has also been revealed that he has participated in the composition and arrangement of each track and will show off his image as a multitalented idol once again. Rice n’ Peas, Bazzi, and 153 Joombas Music Group were one of the groups that were involved in the album production.

This will be Lay’s third album, he first debuted as a soloist back in 2016 with a mini album titled “Lose Control” and released his second album “LAY 02 SHEEP” the following year.

However, it would be a lie to say that EXO-Ls didn’t feel bitter-sweet after hearing the news.

The fandom was happy to hear that Lay would be venturing out to America and will support him but they also came to the conclusion that it probably means that he won’t be taking part in EXO’s upcoming comeback.

EXO have been preparing for their highly anticipated return, it has been more than a year since they came back with new music. There hasn’t been any exact date specified for the comeback of the group but the fandom is very excited.

This comeback probably marks EXO’s last comeback as 8 or 9 (if Lay participated) since Xiumin is born in 1990 and will have to enlist by 2019, with their extremely busy schedule its unlikely that the group would be able to have another comeback before Xiumin has to enlist in the military.

This comeback was the last chance that EXO-Ls could see Lay together with his group as 9.

After the group serve the military the contracts would have possibly expired, its unknown who will renew and who will move on. Also, it will take around 6 years before the group manages to regroup again after they have all served the military.

EXO-Ls felt bitter-sweet knowing these facts, here are some of their comments,

“So does he ever still want to join EXO activities??? I was so excited for ot9 comeback, but maybe we won’t be seeing it yet again.”

“So exo comeback will be ot8 while lay go solo i feel sad and happy at the same time.”

“Good for him, really! But we are still waiting for his comeback in EXO and there, I cry….”

“Bitter sweet. Really hoped he would be back with EXO. But best of luck yo him. His songs are really good.”

“As for LAY, I really wanted to see him comeback with EXO so we could have one last OT9 comeback before Xiumin’s enlistment. But with this announcement, I doubt he’d want to do any EXO promotions any time soon. Hoping against hope though. Still going to support his album regardless.”

How do you feel about this? are you excited about his American debut?

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