What fans have been suspecting actually turned out to be true after all.

English singer Dua Lipa has released the track list of her “Complete Edition” of her album “Dua Lipa” just a couple of hours ago, Kpop fans went wild when they saw who would be featuring on the list.

The track list includes many artists such as Sean Paul and Calvin Harris and it also includes BLACKPINK. The two will be collaborating on a song titled “Kiss and Make Up.”

Back in May, Dua Lipa met BLACKPINK, Lisa and Jennie attended her concert in Seoul.

A while ago, Dua Lipa tweeted something that got BLACKPINK fans guessing if she’d be collaborating with the girls she used a string of emjois that linked back to BLACKPINK.

Are you looking forward to hearing their collaboration track?


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