Dongho’s Father Says His Son And His Ex-Wife Filed For Divorce Because They Were Not A Good Match

Former U-Kiss member Dongho has shocked fans when he confirmed that he has filed for divorce from his wife of three years, they have a son together.

His father also chimed in and talked about his son’s divorce, On September 20 Shin Sung Chul sat down for an interview and said,

“The procedures have been completed for the divorce.

This is how it turned out to be due to differences in personality and because they are not a good match together. I don’t like it, but what can I do… its unfortunate, but later in life, I think there might be good opportunities…”

About their son, the father said,

“Since they have a child together they didn’t split on bad terms. A while ago, they even brought their son along because we wanted to see him. When it comes to caring for a child, the parent must take full responsibility.

He has been going back and forth between Korea and Japan after his marriage, he is now staying in Japan. He is juggling his DJ career as well as other business ventures.”

The father also added that his son doesn’t have plans of returning to the entertainment industry and that he would like to work free as a DJ.

What Dongho said in his Facebook post confirming the news was also similar to what the father said.

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