Dara And Park Bom Recent Interactions Will Make You Believe 2NE1 Is Still Alive


Dara and Park Bom had the best sweetest interaction on instagram recently and its warming our hearts.

On September 7, Park Bom posted a sweet photo of herself chilling with the caption,

“Thinking under the moonlight.”

Dara left a sweet comment under her post, she said,

“What are you thinking about?” and “Thinking about me?”

Park Bom answered,

“Thinking about our 2NE!? lol” and “mahalkitta (this means I love you).”

As you’d expect, fans were so happy with the sweet interactions. Those interactions prove that the former 2NE1 members haven’t changed and still care about each other.

Some left comments asking the girls to collab knowing well that Park Bom is now preparing for her first comeback since 2NE1 disbanded.

Glad to see them interacting on social media!


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