Chilling Details Of What Possibly Went On In Goo Hara’s Assault Case Revealed By Dispatch


Dispatch has revealed shocking new details of what happened with Goo Hara, her ex-boyfriend and the now infamous assault incident.

According to the reports, the ex-boyfriend (hereafter referred to as ‘A’) is a hairdresser who works in Gangnam and is known for being good looking. Apparently, he came to Hara’s Nonhyeon-dong villa at 1AM on September 13 KST drunk.

In a drunken state he entered her home without her permission (he knew the passcode to her house). When he came inside he entered the bedroom where she was sleeping and he kicked her to wake her up. He has also reportedly thrown around and broken many of the house’s appliance and such.

A close friend of the couple revealed that A kicked Hara first and its true that he destroyed her house appliances and caused a disturbance.

After he woke her up the two got into a verbal altercation and things got heated pretty fast turning into a physical fight. The fight left marks on A’s face as well as bruises on Hara’s body.

After he left Hara’s home its believed that he contacted the police first and claimed that she assaulted him one-sidedly, he also told the investigators at the police station the same thing showing marks on his body.

However, Hara has told the police he entered her houses unannounced and even destroyed things and appliances and shared that she suffered bruises because he hit her. The police photographed the house and plan on investigating the assault thoroughly.

It is reported that police might even investigate C for home invasion and destruction of property.

Stay tuned for updates!



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