BTS’s Suga Has The Sassiest Response To People Who Continuously Leave Hate Malicious Comments


BTS’s Suga is savage AF!

Suga recently went on V Live to chat with fans for about 40 minutes. During the V Live he talked about many things and had a message to share with haters who leave malicious slandering comments.

He first talked about the prank some army have been leaving at each member V Live session some commented things like ‘there is something behind you,’ when he saw that comment he responded,

“I think those people keep saying ‘there is someone standing there are foreigners. I don’t find it funny and your grammar is off. You must don’t understand what I am saying now but you will when you get the subtitles. Its not funny.”

Fans then started asking those put such comments to stop freaking out BTS members, Suga replied,

“Its not freaking us out. But its just… you know? it seems like you’re wasting data sending them.”

A fan then talked about hateful comment saying,

“Oppa I want you to look at beautiful things only. Please don’t read mean comments.”

He said that he doesn’t use the internet a lot these days. He added,

“Its been a year since I looked at the internet. so I don’t know the trendy phrases and things.

The only time I looked at the internet its for review purposes so I don’t get to see any mean comments.

Also, those people who write mean comments… excuse me, but I don’t look at them. So write all you want. I won’t be looking at it anyway.

So knock yourself out some people will sue you, and everyone’s happy, right? I don’t look at them. No reason for me to do so. why would I look at them?”

Fans loved the savage response and the message Suga sent to all those haters.

How can you not love Suga?

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  1. Oof welp Suga idc if u had/had depression u still do great u are a good rapper I watch all your v lives and to all them haters out there bts is the best you guys are good keep going

  2. I feel the exact same way about you suga and the rest of bts. You all are great singers and you are an amazing rapper. Keep going and keep on doing your best!


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