BTS’s Manner Hands Make Headlines Again Showing Just How Respectful The Boys Are Of Women

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There is a term that us international fans are used to and appreciate, its called “Manner Hands” or “Hovering Hands.” Male idols usually keep their hands at a distant whenever posing with female artists.

To some it might show that the boys are awkward or uncomfortable but male Kpop idols mean something entirely different with it, they respect women enough not to make physical contact might make them feel uncomfortable.

BTS travel all over the world and carry the weight of representing Kpop on their shoulders, its safe to say they are doing an amazing job at it.

In the past, BTS made headlines for their manner hands and they are back in the news for the same reason again, this was ignited by RM when he posed next to Tyra Banks recently.

The boys had performed at America’s Got Talent semifinals a couple of days ago, it was the first live performance of “IDOL” on American TV. They made headlines for their amazing performance and RM made headlines for being respectful.

So fans collected various photos where BTS members showing respect to women.

Here are some of these examples:

I bet all army are extremely proud of their boys!

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