Guess who’s sweetly boasting about the custom expensive rare watch he received from the South Korean president a couple of days ago?

Yours truly, the cute Jungkook.

On September 26, BTS guest performed on the popular American morning show ‘Good Morning America’ to many screaming fans and also sat down for an interview.

Army had their eyes glued to the show and praised the idols for their amazing performance and attitude as always. Fans noticed a cute thing that Jungkook was showing.

Jungkook wore the custom watch he was gifted by the president of South Korea. The entire group received the watches from the first lady recently during the ‘United Nations General Assembly’ on the 24th of September.

Fans noticed that Jungkook kept lifting up his blouse and showed off the watch and army had the best reactions, some of the comments were,

“He is the cutest EVER.”

“That’s the nation’s pride for you.”

“Of course he will wear it, he is feeling honored and proud.”


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