BTS’s “DNA” Becomes The First Korean Group MV With Half A Billion Views On YouTube

Army had prepared a surprise for the boys celebrating “DNA”’s first anniversary since it was released back on Sep 18, 2017.

“DNA” has become the first EVER Korean group MV to score a half billion views on YouTube.

The title track of “Love Yourself: Her” was an immense success in Korea and overseas as well, it was the first BTS song that entered the infamous Billboard Hot 100, not only that but it was also gold certified by Recording Industry Association of America.

On September 20, the MV reached the huge milestone, army celebrated their hard work. This is no easy feat getting a Korean group MV to reach half a billion views.

BTS joined the elite club that was exclusively created by PSY, who is the only other Korean artists with music videos that have reached half a billion views. “Gangnam Style” “Gentleman and “Oppa Is Just My Style” (featuring HyunA).

Congrats to BTS and huge thanks to army who have worked extremely hard on streaming “DNA” and helping it reach this huge milestone!

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