BTS Fans Are Not Happy That The Group’s Name Is Being Used To Discuss Idol Military Exemption

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Following Politician Kim Joong Ro of “BTS Act” some fans (both national and international) didn’t have the best reaction.

Following the JTBC report talking about Politician Kim Joong Ro and “BTS Act” to discuss military exemption to idols who gain global recognition, fans weren’t happy that the name of BTS was being used in that debate.

Military service and exemption is known for being a very sensitive topic to many Koreans, many often get into debates discussing the topic and everyone has a different belief.

Having BTS in the middle of such a topic isn’t something fans are too fond of, they don’t like the fact that BTS has somewhat become the face of the topic they fear this might bring them bad press.

BTS are still young and have time before they must enlist to fulfill their service, despite the ongoing discussion; Big Hit Entertainment never released a statement addressing it.

Korean fans criticized the politicians using BTS’s name to bring attention and gain votes from young people. Some commenting things like ‘the law will never pass,’ ‘it doesn’t make any sense’ ‘stop selling BTS name,’ ‘don’t use BTS’s name to promote your ideas’ and such.

International fans, although not aware of the full story and conservation behind military exemption in South Korea, were also wary. They don’t like the idea that BTS’s name is being attached to it like that.

Some commented things like,

“I’m fine with them debating whether or not idols who receive global recognition should get an exemption, but they shouldn’t attach BTS’s name to this proposal like it was BTS that asked for it.”

“why cant they just call it something else. using bts in the name is just so wrong and harmful to the boys image.”

What do you think of this?

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