BIGBANG The Next Group To Receive YouTube’s Diamond Play Button After Reaching 10 Million Subscribers

BIGBANG has joined the exclusive 10-million-subscribers club.

After BTS and BLACKPINK, BIGBANG became the third Kpop group channel to reach the 10 million subscribers.

The channel originally created back in October 2005 has been around for so long, fans have been working hard to get BIGBANG the diamond play button that YouTube gifts to creators who surpass the 10 million subscribers count.

There aren’t many Korean channels that surpassed the 10 million subscribers, agency wise there are a couple of channels including ibighit and SM Entertainment but its rare for a single Kpop group channel to reach such a huge milestone.

ibighit has more than 16.9 million subscribers, SM Entertainment has more than 15 million subscribers while BTS (bangtantv) and BLACKPINK have more than 11 million subscribers.

Congrats to BIGBANG!


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