The world of Kpop is both shocked and pleased; a Hana Financial Investment report valued Big Hit Entertainment at 5 trillion won (approximately $2.2 billion).

This is huge news because Big Hit Entertainment currently houses and promotes only one group which is BTS.

Researcher Lee Ki Hoon discussed the subject in more details. He predicted the sales and the business profit of this year to be 230 billion won (approximately $203 million) while the sales profit is expected to be 83 billion won (approximately $73.5 million).

He said,

“Their album sales volume last year was around 2.7$ million and by August this year it had already reached $4.5 million and is expected to reach 5 million.”

He also takes into consideration the great number of sales they have overseas and their increasing popularity in Japan and America will boost their sales to 70 billion won (around 62$ million)

Lee Ki Hoon also estimates the company’s operating profit and net profit next year to be 130 billion won (approximately $115 million) and 90 billion won (approximately $80 million), respectively.

He also added that BTS’s 6th active year in the industry will increase their sales numbers to 230 billion won (around 204$ million), the company could also fully achieve earnings up to 450 billion won (400$ million) in sales.

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