Big Hit Entertainment Issues Final Response Regarding BTS’s Collaboration With Yasushi Akimoto


There has been a lot of controversy going on because various Japanese media outlets including Billboard Japan have announced that BTS would be collaborating with Yasushi Akimoto, a prominent Japanese music producer who is behind the hit group AKB48.

However, this collaboration attracted a lot of negative attention because of claims the producer has right-wing political views and has previously been involved in song with misogynistic lyrics.

Initially, Big Hit Entertainment said they would be looking into the matter and added that they know of fans’ concerns, they asked for more time.

On September 16, the agency released another statement to the official BTS fan café; they revealed that they will not be releasing “Bird.” They said,

“Good morning. This is Big Hit Entertainment. We will guide you through the changes in the Japanese Single Album.

The following songs from Japan’s single album, scheduled for release in November, will change as follows for production reasons. We apologize for any inconvenience.

(Before change)

FAKE LOVE – Japanese ver.

Airplane pt. 2 – Japanese ver.


(After change)

FAKE LOVE – Japanese ver.

Airplane pt. 2 – Japanese ver.

IDOL (Remix)

FAKE LOVE – Japanese ver. (Remix)”

What do you think of Big Hit Entertainment’s decision? Do you think they made the right one?

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