Big Hit Entertainment Finally Responds To The Controversy Surrounding BTS’s Collaboration With Yasushi Akimoto

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Big Hit Entertainment is currently suffering from severe backlash from K-Army as well as the general Korean public because of the upcoming BTS Japanese single “Bird.”

On September 13, many Japanese outlets reported that BTS will be working with Yasushi Akimoto for their upcoming Japanese single; the track will be called “Bird.”

According to the reports, the producer will be writing the lyrics, he is a well-known figure in the Japanese music scene; he is the man behind AKB48.

The announcement was met with a negative response and many army were against it. They cited the claims that Yasushi Akimoto holds a right-wing political agenda.

He was also embroiled in controversy for his songs being misogynistic before, fans started requesting feedback from Big Hit Entertainment, they believed that it would be better BTS doesn’t collaborate with him since he can negatively affect BTS’s image.

Big Hit Entertainment has been silent until now, today, on September 15 the agency released a statement to the official fancafe that reads,

“Hello. This is Big Hit Entertainment.

This is a notice regarding the upcoming Japanese single album.

We are fully aware of the fans’ concerns about the single album, which is scheduled to be released in November, and we are discussing the matter, so please give us more time.”

Stay tuned for updates!

What do you think of Big Hit Entertainment response?

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My Thoughts

I am partially relieved that they have issued a response, maybe now fans will calm down a bit because this is starting to get out of control.

I heard that the general Korean public not only Korean army got involved in that and many were displeased so its even more scary that this could potentially grow out of control.

I hope Big Hit Entertainment resolves this issue soon!

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