AOMG Finally Responds To Rumors That Claims HyunA Is Joining Them

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After many speculations from fans, AOMG finally decided to put rumors to rest and responded with an official statement to Korean media outlet Insight.

A source from the agency explained the mishap, previously, HyunA’s stylist boasted to her Instagram story about getting to work with AOMG, it was around the time HyunA was kicked out from the label along with her boyfriend E’dawn so fans started speculating if HyunA was joining AOMG.

On September 28, AOMG source told Insight,

“It is true we contacted HyunA’s stylist but it was work that has to do with AOMG’s Elo.

He’ll be appearing on a new program and we decided that HyunA’s stylist will take care of his styling. There seems to be a misunderstanding because it was around the moment when artists about their removal spread online. There have been no discussions about recruiting HyunA to AOMG.”

Fans know well that Jay Park and HyunA are friends since they used to be trainees in JYP Entertainment, HyunA guest appeared in Jay Park’s 2015 song “You Know.”

The source responded to that and said that they were friends helping out each other and that they had never worked on music again after that.

Are you disappointed to hear this?

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My Reaction

I can’t say I am not slightly disappointed but it looks like they are not signing HyunA but he did speak in a way that sort of indicates that ‘something’ happened in the sphere of the entertainment industry and he knows something… if you know what I mean.

I am really anxious these days, I am still waiting for a reply from Cube, what’s taking them so long and what is going to happen to both of them? I am dying to know.

Wish E’Dawn and HyunA the best, I hope they settle that and get on with their lives, 2018 was harsh for them!

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