AOA Chanmi has opened up her own YouTube channel two days ago and made an introductory video saying his to fans and communicating with them. She says that if she reaches the 10,000 subscribers she will post her first video, only then after she reaches that number.

Netizens didn’t have the best reaction to the way AOA Chanmi introduction video. The ratio of likes to dislikes is broad and so far the video has more than 3.4K dislikes opposed to 2.1K likes.

Netizens left comments on her video as well as other Korean portal sites that reported the news, some saying things like,

“Don’t use your celebrity status to gain 10,000 subscribers.”

“You’re gonna upload a video when you get 10,000 subscribers… this doesn’t look that good from another youtuber point of view.”

“This is just wrong..”

“Apink Bomi is so much better… you can tell she is working hard to get those subscribers.”

“It would be so embarrassing if she couldn’t get those 10,000 subscribers…”

“She is only trying to make easy money…”

However, international fans are more supportive some even commented ways she can improve her channel and gain more subscribers.

What do you think of this?


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