Agency Gives Update On Sunmi’s Current Status

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After Sunmi’s suddenly collapsed while recording for “Music Bank” her agency released a statement revealing that she won’t be there for the live session of the show, they also added that she was receiving treatment in the hospital.

Sunmi did complete the filming for “Music Bank” but she wasn’t there for the live stage.

The agency has shared another update again; a representative was on the phone was SBS FunE to talk about how Sunmi is doing right now, the rep said,

“Its what has been said in the official statement. We quickly had to announce it because we didn’t want the fans who would come all the way to the live broadcast studio to waste their time.”

He was about how she’s doing right now, to that he responded,

“She is now resting in the hospital. Its not serious so we hope that fans won’t worry too much. Sunmi’s body must’ve overwhelmed with stress because of the album production and the urge to complete the comeback schedule.”

The representative revealed that further schedules are yet to be decided so it seems that Sunmi will be taking a temporary hiatus for now to focus on getting better.

Get well soon Sunmi!

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