Fans of B.A.P woke up to some shocking news today!

It has been revealed that a member of B.A.P is currently being investigated for indecent assault.

On September 9, the Namyangju Police Station revealed that a B.A.P (referred to as A hereafter) is now being investigated after being booked.

He has been charged with indecent assault against a woman in her 20s at a vacation home in Namyangju, this happened back in early August.

According to the woman, there were three men and three women including A and herself, they were hanging out at the vacation home when the assault happened.

It was also confirmed that no other B.A.P member but A was present.

A is denying the charges and a police source commented,

“The specific details of investigation cannot be revealed since its being investigated, but for now, I can tell you the two sides are in disagreement about what happened that day.”

TS Entertainment was made aware of the report and released a statement saying they were looking into the matter.

What do you guys think of this?

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