A Chinese Producer Says BTS Is Not Popular In China, Also Suggest Kpop Will Self-Destruct If It Continues To Do This

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Famous Chinese producer Billy Koh recently talked about his thoughts on the Kpop market and its status in China, he had a lot to say about its progress, its future, and its sustainability.

As you’d expect, Billy Koh views the market from a different angle which doesn’t necessarily match what the fans see. He attended 2018 Seoul International Music Fair and shared his thoughts on Kpop.

He revealed that BTS isn’t a household name in China yet and there are a lot of people who haven’t even heard of superstars or idols. He revealed that politics plays a role in suppressing the Kpop wave in China; they prevent Kpop from setting foot in the Chinese market.

He also revealed that the situation of Kpop gaining a big foot in China is undesirable since it’s a nation with a goldmine for literally every industry there is not just Kpop.

He also revealed that if Kpop continues down the same path it is right now without making changes, the scene will inevitably self-destruct. He added that even if politics do play a role in preventing Kpop from taking over China, it is a problem that can be resolved with time and effort.

He thinks the bigger problem is the music and the content itself, he says Kpop is homogenous and all the same. He says that it might work at the moment but soon enough people will grow sick of it and move on to the next big thing. People won’t like seeing the same dances, faces and music type over and over again.

The data in China supports what Billy Koh says, there hasn’t been any Kpop song that was considered a hit in China in 2017.

Despite the worries he talks about, he adds that Kpop’s quality is something that shouldn’t be underestimated, the quality is top notch when compared to pop music in China.

He also says that Kpop needs to introduce artists like Bruno Mars and Taylor Swift to show that it can cross over to mainstream success instead of manufacturing idols who have nothing new offers and share similar traits.

What do you think of what he said? Do you agree with him?

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  1. LOL! Are you kidding me? Who the hell is Billy Koh? And why would it matter what he thinks? What has he accomplished that his opinion would even matter? To me it seems that this person is just jealous of the success of Kpop and his opinion is biased. I’m from the United States and I’ve never heard of him. But I do know BTS. BTS is doing really well around the world so I don’t think they need the advice of a nobody like this chinese guy.

  2. Billy koh is not even a real name for an asian dude. He hangs with old bald people with names like bob schwartz and john smith and they think sleepytime Beatles music and taylir swift music that they shove down your throat is great music…..listen to these geniuses and drive a k car…thanks to the darpa geeks for the internet!

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