YG Entertainment Announces Unprecedented Legal Battle Against People Who Harm Their Artists

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Yang Hyun Suk and YG Entertainment have had enough, Yang Hyun Suk just announced that he will fight hate and derogatory comments against his artists.

In an instagram post, Yang Hyun Suk announced something grand; he revealed that the label has filed multiple lawsuits against people who posted malicious things about the label’s artists.

His instagram post he explained,

“YG is filing lawsuits against malicious comments about label artists. YGE had filed complaints against 12 postings that spread malicious rumors, defamation, and pornography related to the label’s artists as well as 57 postings that offended our artists.

It’s a huge legal move that is rare in the entertainment industry. It’s a clear message that YGE will no longer stay quiet about those who create and spread malicious untrue rumors. With their posts that aren’t true they made offensive, sexual statements and spread obscene content, they had caused damage to our artists, they insulted them and defamed their characters.”

In the post he had also included English hashtags,


#Complaint_Against_Persons_Who_Wrote_Malicious_And_Hate_Comments_Filed #Will_Take_Strong_And_Firm_Action”

Fans have been wondering when will Yang Hyun Suk put haters in their place, fans of all the label’s artists are happy that YG is standing up to haters who accuse, hurt and spread negative wrong rumors about the artists.

How do you feel about Yang Hyun Suk’s response? Are you happy that he’s taking legal actions against these haters?

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  1. Bravo to YG. I hope Keyast will do the same for all insults, fake news, defamations against Kim Hyun Joong who is a victim of a criminal abuser woman.He almost died and his mother too because Choi and trash medias but too these netizens.

  2. The netizens who abuse any celebrity, because they are easy target, should remember this, these celebrities I.e. KHJ have human rights, and by talking on social media they are guilty of abuse, bullying, defamation, slander.
    There are millions of KHJ fans all over the world who are saying enough is enough, yes there are cultural differences, but let me say this to the haters, disrespect HJ and you disrespect the people who stand by this young man HJ in Solidarity with him

  3. Keyeast Entertainment please protect ALL your celebrities, I request you take the strongest action against the people who defame and mentally abuse your employees enough is enough, no more crossing the line of decency by the haters

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