Xiumin, Members Of B.A.P, HIGHLIGHT, VIXX AND BTOB Must Enlist In The Military This Year


New rules will be applied to every Korean man who was born in 1989 and 1990, they will no longer be able to delay enlistment any further.

A new military law will take effect as of this month starting from August 1st which was last week.

The law previously prevented Korean men from delaying enlistment beyond 30 years; it has now been pushed to 28.

This means that Korean males who are 28 years old will no longer be able to delay enlistment whether it was for graduate school, over in enlistment period with a sibling, study for public certification and such.

Previously, travel limitations on Korean males were put into effect, it became so that males in the age range of 25-27 will be permitted up to five international travels with a maximum travel period of 6 months.

This means that the below-listed idols born in 1989 and 1990 will be enlisting before 2018 ends, which means you’ll probably hear about a lot of idols suddenly enlisting in the military this year.

Here is a list of some of the idols affected by this law:

Idols born in 1989:

HIGHLIGHT: Yoon Doojoon (July 4th, 1989) and Yong Jun Hyung (December 19th, 1989)

SHINee: Onew (December 14th, 1989)

Idols born in 1990:

2PM: Junho (January 25th, 1990), Chansung (February 11th, 1990)

HIGHLIGHT: Yang Yoseob (January 5th, 1990), Lee Gi Kwang (March 30th, 1990)

EXO: Xiumin (March 26th, 1990)

FTISLAND: Lee Hong Ki (March 2nd, 1990) and Choi Jong Hyun (March 7th, 1990)

B.A.P: Bang Yong Guk (March 31st, 1990) and Himchan (April 19th, 1990)

VIXX: N (June 30th, 1990) and Leo (November 10th, 1990)

Block B: possibly one of the most affect groups. Taeil (September 24th, 1990), B-BOMB (December 14th, 1990) and Jaehyo (December 23rd,1990)

INFINITE: Jang Dong Woo (November 22th, 1990)

BTOB: Lee Min Hyuk (November 29th, 1990)

BIGBANG: Seungri (December 12th, 1990)

BIGBANG’s Seungri had already told fans that he plans on enlisting before 2018 ends to reduce hiatus of his group, however, the rest of the list was shocking to fans.

This means that for VIXX and FTISLAND who had comebacks recently, this probably meant it was their last comeback as a full group before the members start enlisting.

EXO is also reportedly planning a comeback for the 3rd quarter of this year, this means that this comeback will be the last EXO comeback with all the members before they go on hiatus to serve the country.

Block B members are currently in talks to renew their contract as a group, three of the members are born in 1990 so the group will probably not be getting another chance to make comeback as a whole until all the rest have served the military, that is if Block B members choose to renew their contracts as a group.

HIGHLIGHT’s Yoon Doojoon had also previously stated that “Lets Eat 3” would be his last drama before his military enlistment, but the remaining two members who were added to the list of those who must enlist shocked fans.

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