Would Park Seo Joon Ever Consider Dating Park Min Young? He Gave This Shocking Answer

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Park Seo Joon has recently finished filming for his popular tvN drama “Whats Wrong with Secretary Kim.” He sat down for an interview to talk about the drama, the cast and his relationship with them.

He explained how he and Park Min Young conversed with each other a lot to understand their characters and help find a balance, he said,

“I was very much reliant on Park Min Young and the director helped mediate things between us, this reflected on the drama’s chemistry and work, we tried to express the relationship between both characters as naturally as possible.”

Since the dating rumors came out, it was only obvious that he would be asked about it again, this time he was asked about the possibility of him dating Park Min Young, shockingly, he gave this answer,

“When I play a role in which I am in love with someone, of course, I have to act thinking that person is pretty and think of that person’s good characteristics. Of course, I become interested. People are unpredictable, so I can’t really say anything about the possibilities. I think it take a lot of time.

There aren’t many actors around my age who I can act with. And from those people around my age, she was one of the actors I wanted to work with. I am honored and happy to have met her through this opportunity.

I fear the moment that when I am acting in front of someone regardless of their age and gender they ask me how they should act. I don’t like talking about it as it’s about self-esteem. This is why I think it’s important to become friendly quickly. It wasn’t as if we didn’t know each other before, and we had similar goals for the project, so it was not hard to talk about work. Therefore, working together with her wasn’t difficult even when we had many scenes together.”

Would you like to see them date one day?

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