Will BTS Renew Their Contracts With Big Hit Entertainment Once They Expire?


On August 26, BTS held a press conference ahead of their concert in Seoul, the press brought up the topic of the group’s contracts with their agency, Big Hit Entertainment.

It has been six years since the group debuted, next year the members will decide whether they’ll renew their contracts with their agency or not.

When asked about the possible contract renewals, Suga said,

“We’ll be able to deliver good news soon.”

Suga was hinting at the great possibility that they would more than likely renew their contracts with their agency.

Jin also added,

“Our members have been discussing a lot lately and we are also discussing with our agency. I think we may be able to share good news soon.”

The group has officially embarked on their world tour where they’re set to visit 18 cities to perform at sold-out shows across the globe.

BTS recently released their repackage album “Love Yourself: Answer” which has achieved great results in domestic and international charts as well.

The group has also reportedly broken Taylor Swift’s record for the most viewed music video in the first 24 hours. However, for now, a confirmation from YouTube’s side is required to confirm the exact number.

Do you think BTS should renew their contracts with Big Hit Entertainment?

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