Why BTS Nomination For An Order Of Cultural Merit From The Government Is Such A Big Deal

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BTS made history just a couple of hours ago if you remember, it was announced they would be the first Kpop act to perform in a USA stadium.

BTS became the talk of the town again after adding a final date to their North American tour. The final stop will be on October 6 at 7PM EST at the Citi Field in New York which has a capacity of over 40,000 fans.

BTS had made history yet again; it was revealed they had been nominated for an Order of Cultural Merit from the government, which is a big deal.

The ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism had recently announced that BTS is one of 12 nominees for the order this year, the order will be given out at the 2018 Korean Popular Culture & Arts Awards. The awards will be announced in October, the ceremony is currently planned for October 31st.

Why is it a big deal you ask? Let me explain.

If you visit South Korea’s statutes website and hover to The Order of Cultural Merit you’ll find out that it has five grades with the description,

“The Order of Sports Merit, which consists of five grades, shall be awarded to a person who has rendered outstanding meritorious services in the field of sports in the interest of improving national sports and promoting national development.”

BTS is the first and only Kpop act in South Korea to have been nominated for such an order. BTS’s achievements in their country and overseas markets (Japan and the USA) were attributed as some of the reasons for the nomination; the group contributed so much for the Korean wave also known as the hallyu wave.

They have achieved so much with their latest comeback album; they performed extremely well on various Billboard charts.

BTS had previous received a commendation from the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism during the 2016 Korean Popular Culture & Arts Awards if you recall.

But The Order of Sports Merit is actually a bigger deal and a higher honor, it is said that the best of the best only get nominated for such an award. The ceremony is commentated from president, prime minister, and minister.

The only other Kpop act to have come anything close to that would be PSY who received a fourth-grade Order of Cultural Merit in 2012 following which was because of his hit track “Gangnam Style.”

This only adds to the high anticipation of BTS’s upcoming album release which is scheduled for August 24. They will be coming back with their repackaged album “Love Yourself: Answer.”

Congratulations BTS!

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