TWICE’s Wins Daesang At The Soribada Best K-Music Awards For The Second Year In A Row

Guess who took home another Daesang award?

It’s the nation’s group, TWICE!

They have won the Digital Daesang for the second year in a row from the Soribada Best K-Music Awards!

The awards ceremony was held on August 30 and attended by many idols. TWICE took home not one but two awards tonight. They also won the Bongsang (main award).

This is such a notable win because TWICE has won for the second year in a row; they have accumulated so many Daesangs throughout their 3 year short careers which is considered astonishing for a girl group.

The leader Jihyo thanked fans in Korean; she thanked the fans, JYP family and everyone who helped them gain this award. Momo thanked fans in Japanese while Tzuyu recited it in Chinese.

Fans of all over the world were extremely happy to see how thoughtful TWICE was during their speech; they didn’t forget to show their appreciation and came prepared to thank their fans in three different languages.

However, some thought that the group didn’t deserve that award. Some iKON fans pointed out they should have walked with the award since their song “Love Scenario” was such a huge hit that remained on the top of charts for so long.

A smart fan stepped up to logically explain the reason TWICE had won, this award wasn’t just for one song like MAMA, they count all the digital sales from the duration.

TWICE came back with many many songs this year which are” Likey, Heart Shaker, What is Love, and Dance the Night Away. The combination of the digital sales concluded that TWICE will win by a large margin, more than 1.7 million in sales while iKON had achieved 1 million.

For one song, iKON was impressive so if TWICE had released fewer songs since last year when they began calculating again for digital sales, iKON would have easily won the award.

Congrats to the sweet TWICE, and we hope that iKON wins many awards this year for their hit song.

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