This Veteran Idol Says It Pains Him To See Younger Idols End Their Lives And Being Overly Sexualized


This male veteran Kpop idol is the hero we all need, a hero who says all the right things, things that should be addressed within the Korean industry.

Shinhwa is one of the longest running Kpop boy groups of South Korea, they’re often referred to as one of the “first generation” of K-pop groups. They’re considered legendary and many idols have had dreams to become ones because of them.

The group recently released their 20th anniversary album “Heart.” The group held a showcase to discuss the album.

One of its membere Dongwan actually spoke up about the trend these days in idol groups and how it affects the idols involved, he mentioned the younger groups and asked an important question, he said,

“Are idols really happy?”

He explained what he said and why they might be suffering, he added,

“I take time to reflect when I see hoobaes that have committed suicide and female idols who have been oversexualized in the industry. Its my personal thoughts, but it pain me to see how the idol industry became to resemble Japan’s. Us, the sunbaes of the industry need to reflect on these issues and try to fix them.”

International fans applauded Dongwan’s remark. They were reminded by the painful memory of SHINee’s Jonghyun’s suicide. He died at the age of 27 after suffering from depression.

He had mentioned that he thought he wasn’t good enough among many other things in his suicide letter.

Idols, girls and boys often get sexualized at such a young age, many of which debut at age 15-18 and are relatively young. The idols are forced to wear revealing outfits that don’t even fit them and they can’t even have an opinion because their agency controls what they eat, how they behave, what they wear and their songs.

The idols can’t say anything or even object. Many of the idols who have succeeded and earned freedom actually opened up about the pressure and the restrictions that came along with choosing this path.

So, it makes sense to believe that idols don’t live the happiest life. They’re restricted and put in a box simply because they want to follow their dreams. They have to adhere to impossible standards to maintain, a private life is nonexistence.

The recent dating news of HyunA and E’Dawn that created such a negative feedback from some Korean fans of the group are a simple reminder of how toxic and entitled Korean fans of idol groups have become.

Some thinking they own the idol simply because they pay for their albums and support them.

What do you think of this? Do you agree with the notion Dongwan touched on?


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