The Real Reason Behind CL’s Sudden Drastic Weight Gain Finally Revealed, Fans Feel Assured


CL had made a public appearance a couple of days ago while departing Incheon Airport; fans were shocked to see the beloved idol’s changed appearance.

She had gained weight, fans were not used to seeing her like that, some worried about her health.

A day later, it was reported by several media outlets that CL is in fact not suffering from any health issues.

They explained that the singer is simply adjusting to her new home. She had moved to a new home in the USA in order to focus more on her U.S debut preparations. The idol reportedly didn’t have time for a balanced diet and exercise.

Also, the media outlets shut down beef between her and Yang Hyun Suk, some reports claim they had recently met up to discuss her future schedules.

The idol is making her Hollywood film debut in “Mile 22” which will premiere this August in the US.



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