Song Joong Ki Just Can’t Stop Talking About His Love For His Wife Song Hye Kyo


Song Joong Ki is one sweet husband who can’t stop gushing about his wife in an interview and photo shoot with Esquire Magazine.

The power couple tied the knot back in October 2017 in a legendary wedding that was attended by many Korean celebrities, it was dubbed one of the biggest Korean celebrity weddings.

For the first time in a while, Song Joong Ki held an interview and a photo shoot with Esquire Magazine; he sweetly talked about his wife Song Hye Kyo,

“In the past, someone told me that being able to find a wife you can love forever is a gift of destiny. I believe that the greatest thing a man can do is to love his woman.

Some people might think they’re valued with fame and fortune, but I believe that the most beautiful thing in the world is for a man to be able to love his woman in an unchanging way.

We did get married but it doesn’t mean that we’re beyond the dating stage. I still feel like we’re dating.”

He then sweetly smiled and added,

“And honestly, my wife is so pretty.”

Song Joong Ki’s love for his wife is unchanging; fans absolutely love how he expresses his love for her openly.

The full interview will be available in September’s issue of Esquire Magazine.

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