BTS’s leader RM has recently opened up about how it felt when Nicki Minaj agreed to feature on their recent track “IDOL” during a press conference held on August 26 ahead of their concert in Seoul.

RM personally thanked the rapper for agreeing to feature on the track; she appeared on the alternative version of the single which was also out this week along with the original version.

RM said,

“We were wrapping up the production on the song and thought that it would probably be cool if Nicki Minaj agreed to rap on it. Fortunately, she happily accepted the offer so that’s how it happened. She is also actively promoting it on social media. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank her.”

Nicki Minaj had shared a couple of posts promoting “IDOL” across her social media accounts. She even posted a video with filters humming along with the song and repeating the sentence “you can stop me loving myself.”

Nicki Minaj has also revealed that her own music video version of “IDOL” will be out in a couple of days when she was asked by a fan why she didn’t appear in the music video.

Army and Nicki Minaj fans are excited to see the MV soon!


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