Red Velvet’s Wendy worried fans from all around the world with her drastic weight loss. Various pictures of her changed weight were shared online and fans expressed their worries for the beloved singer.

In a recent episode of SBS’s radio show, Cultwo Show Red Velvet’s Wendy explained why her weight changed like that in more details.

Co-MC EXID’s Hani expressed her worries about Red Velvet’s Wendy weight loss while the group was talking about dancing to their newest comeback track, she said,

“I was so shocked when I saw Wendy during rehearsal, she lost so much weight.”

Wendy explained that her weight fluctuates very easily, she also added that she is expecting to gain more weight soon, she commented,

“My weight is like a rubber band. I lose and gain weight back and forth, so I am planning on gaining weight again.”

Fans noticed that Red Velvet’s Wendy sometimes gained and sometimes lost weight rather quickly, but she assured fans that she is not doing that on purpose but its that her body is like that.

She revealed that she lost weight for Red Velvet’s recent comeback “Power Up” because she has been working so hard on the comeback and the concert, the MCs added,

“You naturally lose weight when you’re busy.”

Fans were happy to know that Wendy is doing fine and that she is healthy because that’s what matters in the end.

What do you think of Wendy’s answer?


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