In another breaking shocking news, popular idol group (G)I-DLE is in the news with fellow agency artist Pentagon.

Last night, photos of Hui and Soojin shopping around and holding hands spread like wildfire, fans kept sharing photos of the idols going out on dates proving they were, in fact, a couple.

This is huge news for a lot of reasons, first, (G)I-DLE has debuted a couple of months ago back in May, so its very rare for a rookie group member to be caught in a dating scandal. Second, she was dating her fellow agency mate Hui who is also a part of a rookie group called Pentagon that debuted less than 2 years ago. Third, this is the second couple of Cube Entertainment to be wrapped up in dating news today, alone.

In response to the photos, Cube Entertainment issued an official response confirming that Sooji and Hui had indeed been dating, they added,

“After checking with them we found out they used to date, they have already split up.”

Hui and Soojin photos show them out and about shopping freely without hiding their identities much, unlike what many idols would do.

What do you think of this?

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