In another breaking shocking news, popular idol group (G)I-DLE is in the news with fellow agency artist Pentagon.

Last night, photos of Hui and Soojin shopping around and holding hands spread like wildfire, fans kept sharing photos of the idols going out on dates proving they were, in fact, a couple.

This is huge news for a lot of reasons, first, (G)I-DLE has debuted a couple of months ago back in May, so its very rare for a rookie group member to be caught in a dating scandal. Second, she was dating her fellow agency mate Hui who is also a part of a rookie group called Pentagon that debuted less than 2 years ago. Third, this is the second couple of Cube Entertainment to be wrapped up in dating news today, alone.

In response to the photos, Cube Entertainment issued an official response confirming that they had indeed been dating, they added,

“After checking with them we found out they used to date, they have already split up.”

The photos show the couple out and about shopping freely without hiding their identities much, unlike what many idols would do.

What do you think of this?

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My Thoughts

I am gonna start by saying this Soojin has balls (figuratively), the girl is barely 20 years old and has debuted back in May but she dated her senior and fellow agency sunbae Hui, I am shooketh right now, as my little sister says…

They are 5 years apart and have been dating, Cube Entertainment just said they used to date without revealing when they started and when they allegedly broke up.

Now this doesn’t really matter to me but I do know that it will piss off a lot of netizens, you’ll see.

Cube Entertainment denied HyunA and E’Dawn dating news yesterday, how can I believe or for the matter any fan believe a single statement they release?

What if they’re still dating and Cube Entertainment is too scared because (G)I-DLE is a popular rookie group that debuted last May?

I am still shocked, Soojin, you have my respect, you must have a lot of courage to actually date when you haven’t even debuted, this is like a career killer for groups.

Block B’s Ukwon revealed he was dating back in the day, a lot of his fans turned their backs on him and he wasn’t even a rookie then, they just didn’t like the idea.

(G)I-DLE is very very new, they can’t have a dating scandal right now because this can ruin their status in South Korea where fans are obsessed with keeping their idols clean and lonely. Dating rumors can be fatal and reduce the group’s popularity.

This is why JYP, SM and YG have dating ban for the first 3-5 years (which doesn’t make sense logically) its done because they want the idols to focus on singing and date once their careers are already established so that Korean fans won’t panic, remember what happened with Baekhyun and Taeyeon?

Knowing how Koreans think and process idols dating news, this is risky. The problem is Pentagon only recently gained popularity and they are now working on their next album, also (G)I-DLE is very popular, this can negatively affect them. I hope nothing bad happens!