Pentagon Confirmed To Be Making Their First Comeback As 8 Members Without E’Dawn And YanAn

Pentagon fans are still furious and today, Cube Entertainment released a statement that confirmed the inevitable.

Previously, Cube Entertainment announced that E’Dawn and YanAn will be taking an indefinite hiatus from their group. YanAn is sick and he needs to take care of himself, so fans wished him the best.

International fans had a problem with E’Dawn’s withdrawal for now. E’Dawn had confirmed he was dating fellow labelmate HyunA in a statement to a news outlet and for some very weird reason it was blown out of proportion.

Some national fans demanded he be expelled from the group threatening to stop supporting Pentagon, Cube Entertainment move seems to be a response to angry fans.

On August 29, industry representatives revealed that the group was in the final stages of preparing for their next album.

Cube Entertainment issued a statement confirming that the group is preparing for their first comeback as 8 members, they’re aiming for a release in mid-September.

The track will probably be a bright concept and is also likely written by the group’s talented leader Hui.

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