Park Seo Joon has recently finished filming for his popular tvN drama “Whats Wrong With Secretary Kim.” He held an interview at a café in Gangnam to talk about his recently finished drama.

As expected, he was questioned about his relationship to his fellow co-star Park Min Young; he spoke about the dating rumors and why it triggered him,

He said,

“I can’t help but read everything about me since its about. They said we had the same items and traveled together. I wondered if I had to reveal my departure dates as proof. But in a way, I thought it wasn’t necessary since I didn’t do anything wrong. As for the couple items, people who are interested in fashion would know that it was the trend during that time. I have some of them in several colors, but if you say I am dating her just because of one thing that overlaps then I also must be dating Justin Bieber.” He laughed

He added,

“I have nothing to say if you’re going to force things like that. Some say I was obvious but I wonder what that was.”

He also addressed the other ‘proof’ of their relationship, the baseball jersey number that was 34, some explained that it matches her birthday which lies on March 4.

He explained,

“I admit the back number can be seen that way. My number used to be 28 when I entered at first. I wanted to get 27 but 28 was the closest one back then. The reason I changed the number was because the celebrity team got new uniforms from the charity Gocheok Sky Dome game that is coming up. If you know and like major league baseball, then you know that 34 is the ace number of the team. Usually, the manly man of the team uses it so I took it. But it was linked to the dating rumors like that.”

It seems that Park Seo Joon was not happy about people trying to forcefully link him to his co-star through instagram posts. He finished off by explained why he talked about it,

“It appears that a lot of people were curious about it but its not true so I ended up discussing it.”

What do you think of what he said


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