Park Min Young’s Kindness Towards Hoobae Pyo Ye Jin Will Warm Your Heart

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The Way Park Min Young Treated Rookie Actress Pyo Ye Jin Will Make You Love Her Even More

Park Min Young is known for being a kind actress who has love for her fellow actors and actresses. Actress Pyo Ye Jin talked about Park Min Young and her kindness towards her.

The two actresses shared the screen on tvN’s hit drama “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim.” Their friendship wasn’t only on screen but extended off screen as well.

The actress recently sat down for an interview with Herald Pop and talked about “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” and her friendship with Park Min Young.

She said,

“The three months we did in ‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim’ were lots of fun, I was happy to have been a part of such a great set. I am grateful to have received all this love from fans as well. Im sure it will stay in my memory in the future.”

In the drama, Pyo Ye Jin pays the role of the substitute secretary for Kim Mi So (Park Min Young’s character), she is a rookie and makes lots of mistakes. Over the course of the drama runtime, her character Ji Ah improves and becomes better.

About her character growth she said,

“Its Ji Ah’s first time working so there were lots of things she couldn’t’ do, she made some mistakes as well. I am also a rookie myself. So if I did something wrong on set, I tried to keep going and not lose hope, I aimed to work harder and be more brave. Ji Ah thinks of Mi so as a role model, so I tried a lot to be like Mi So.”

She also said that she was influenced by Park Min Young on the set of the drama similar to their characters in their workplace, she said,

“Ji Ah really likes Mi So. It was like that in real life for me as well. Just like Ji Ah followed Mi So, I followed Park Min Young too, that was very similar.”

She also talked about Park Seo Joon, she said,

“Park Min Young and Park Seo Joon are both people you can’t help but admire. Even when they were exhausted on set, they wouldn’t show it and would joke around more. Even when we were filming late, Park Seo Joon would joke around and everyone would laugh. When I saw that, it taught me the importance of playing that type of role on set as well.”

She talked about Park Min Young’s kindness, she said,

“She always accepted everything and made things work well, and was also good at taking care of me. She paid so much attention to me that she even helped me make my makeup look better. She was the person who had the biggest influence on me.”

She also added that she thinks their relationship was really like Ji Ah and Kim Mi So’s, she said,

“I am grateful to Park Min Young.”

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