Nine Years After Leaving SM Entertainment, Jaejoong Finally Makes First Variety Show Appearance


Older Kpop fans are now basically in tears because of something that should be normal but isn’t for them, it’s a huge deal.

Ever since leaving SM Entertainment, JYJ’s Jaejoong has been noticeably absent from all variety shows, some believe that its due to SM Entertainment influencing his ability to appear as a guest.

JYJ and his group don’t even get to promote their songs on music programs as well. Even when they receive awards at ceremonies, they are usually absent.

In tvN’s variety show “Comedy Big League” a preview of the next episode was aired on TV and people went wild. Why? Because the audience noticed Jaejoong sitting among them.

It was revealed that he attended the recording of August 14 as an audience but not a guest. He has connections to one of the comedians and came to show his support.

tvN ended up issuing an official statement to clarify what happened, they revealed that he only attended because of his connection to one of the comedians and that he wasn’t invited as an official guest, he just came to watch. However, they added,

“He did participate in one of the segments on the spot. You can check out his appearance through the broadcast.”

Jaejoong’s agency also released a similar statement revealing that he is close to comedian Lee Jin Ho.

Jaejoong’s legendary appearance will air on August 19.

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My Thoughts

We’ve missed him so much, I am so happy to see him. I was screaming when I saw the preview. I wished that tvN didn’t have to assert that they didn’t invite him but I am happy with this for now.

National and international fans were over the moon when they found out that he would be appearing in the variety program. Some fans hope that this will open more doors for him; maybe he could start appearing in many variety shows from now on.

What do you think of this?


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