Nicki Minaj Says There Is Another Version Of “IDOL” MV That Will Be Out Soon

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Ahead of the high anticipation of BTS’s repackaged album “Love Yourself: Answer” which was released a couple of hours ago, Big Hit Entertainment had announced that Nicki Minaj will be featuring in a special digital version of the track.

The track will not be available on the physical album but is available digitally for fans to hear, this is a special version of the title track “IDOL” featuring American rapper Nicki Minaj.

It was reported that after BTS wrapped up production for their repackage album, they suggested that Nicki Minaj feature on the track because they thought she would fit the style of the song well.

They reached out to her and she agreed to the collaboration, the news made fans very happy, it is anther collaboration that is guaranteed to be bomb.

But now it seems that there is actually another video version of “IDOL,” Nicki Minaj herself confirmed through her instagram account.

She posted a shout out to BTS on her instagram account, she wrote,

“Uh! What’s good KOREA?! #Idol.”

Uh! What’s good KOREA?! 😜 #Idol

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A fan asked Nicki why she wasn’t in the MV, she answered,

“My version will be out in a couple of days.”

Fans are both intrigued and happy by Nicki’s response, they didn’t think that another MV will be shot with her as well.

Now after Nicki dropped this news on us, we can’t wait to see the second version of the MV. We’re super excited about it.

What do you think of Nicki and BTS collaboration?

Are you excited about the upcoming MV?

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