Netizens Shocked That Kaeun Didn’t Make It To The Winning Group Of “Produce 48”

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The results of the final episode of the popular idol competition show “Produce 48” are finally out and as expected this season was no exception, there was one specific idol that everyone was almost sure she would be making it to the group of 12 girls but she ended up being eliminated.

The final episode of “Produce 48” aired on August 31st. The top 12 trainees were Lee Chae Yeon, Kim Min Ju, Kim Chae Won, Honda Hitomi, Kang Hye Won, Kwon Eun Bi, Yabuki Nako, An Yu Jin, Choi Ye Na, Jo Yu Ri, Miyawaki Sakura and Jang Won Young.

The group name will be IZONE, it is expected that the girl group will make their debut within the next couple of months.

However, popular member After School Kaeun didn’t make the final cut, fans; international and Korean; were extremely shocked. Everyone almost thought that she would be making the final group.

She took the 14th place in the final round. She was so impressive throughout the show run time she even placed number one at a point in rankings which is very difficult to attain.

This is why fans are really surprised and annoyed that she didn’t make the final cut. This situation reminds us of N’UEST’s Jonghyun who also failed to make the final cut in Wanna One which also caused a stir last year.

Kaeun is now the number one most searched on the web right now. She topped many real-time search engines. Netizens expressed their displease with the results calling the elimination ‘unreal,’ ‘unfair’ and ‘unexpected.’

International fans also didn’t take the news well, some commenting things like,

“She really got Jonghyuned this season. She ranked high consistently, showed great leadership skills, can fluently speak both Korean and Japanese, is born to be a performer, and somehow fell out of the top 12 on the last episode.”

“She got more than 300k votes in the previous rankings and now not even  200k. Where did those people go?”

“She’s trending more than the show itself LMAO. a BIG F^CK U to Mnet!”

“They eliminated KaEun and kept Hyewon and Minjoo. What are South Koreans smoking cos I need to get me some of that if they expect me to support this final 12.”

“Jonghyun and Kaeun were both placed 14th. Wtf is this shit? This is why Produce48 was never fair to begin with.”

Fans hope that Kaeun’s label realizes that she is such a gem and promotes her more. She has been on hiatus for a very long time and got to show her skills on the show. Its all okay as long as she doesn’t get locked up again by her label.

We hope that she can possibly lead a successful solo career, we know she has it in her! fighting Kaeun!

What do you think of the elimination? Do you think Kaeun deserved to be eliminated?

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