Nana Wants Out Of Her First Leading Role In A Drama, Production Company Says She’s Not Out


The drama within a drama, things are taking a serious twist for the upcoming drama “Four Sons.”

The drama which was originally set to air on SBS was eventually dropped by the broadcasting station, but it wasn’t the last thing that the upcoming drama has to deal with.

This Kpop Girl Group Who Has Been Around For 3 Years
It has been revealed that Nana wants out of her contract for the drama.

According to a report by Edaily, Nana’s side sent the drama production company, Victory Contents, a notice letting them that she is terminating her contract; they cited the suspension of filming among other issues as the reason for the termination.

A source from Pledis Entertainment confirmed the report, they said,

“Nana’s contract with Victory Contents has been lawfully terminated. We will let you know as soon as it has been arranged through our legal representatives.”

However, Victory Contents released a totally different statement that contradicts Pledis Entertainment statement to the press, they said that this isn’t the case and that the one-side termination is illegal.

This Kpop Girl Group Who Has Been Around For 3 Years
They claim that they had done everything in their power to take care of the upcoming filming including the appearance fees and engaging in negotiations with Nana’s agency regarding the filming.

They also added,

“The contract ends with when the 16 episodes of ‘Four Sons’ all air. We hope that Nana takes the responsibility of faithfully participating in the table reading on August 25 and the filming that will begin on August 27.”

This isn’t the first member of the cast that wants out; Actor Kim Chang Wan stepped down from the drama back in July.

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