Nam Tae Hyun Says He Doesn’t Regret Leaving Winner, Talks About His Dating Style

Nam Tae Hyun has talked about his former group Winner and his dating life in a recent interview with “bnt International” magazine.

He took a couple of photos for the pictorial and then sat down for an interview, he opened up about leaving Winner back in November 2016, he said,

“I felt pressured that I’ll have to do everything on my own. There are difficulties, but when I thought far ahead, I thought it would help me gain more experience.

I am learning a lot.I have never regretted it (leaving Winner). My life motto is to never regret a decision I’ve ever made. Regretting is only bad for myself.”

The idol also touched on his past dating rumors with Jung Ryeo Won and Son Dam Bi, both are older actresses he’s been involved in dating rumors with previously, about that he said,

“I am not against dating rumors, but to be honest, I don’t want to date people I have an age gap with like the people I have had rumors with. I have a close friendship with Son Dam Bi and Jung Ryeo Won noona. We’re comfortable around each other, and that’s why the rumors started. They are even best friends. I don’t think I could ever date on and then the other.”

What do you think of his response to leaving Winner and the dating news with elder noonas?

Here are more photos of his pictorial:

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