Nam Tae Hyun Blames Himself For His Departure From Winner, Says Leaving YG Entertainment Is A Loss


Nam Tae Hyun has recently sat down for an exclusive interview with Ilgan Sports. He shared drinks and snacks with the interviewer while answering all sorts of questions truthfully.

Nam Tae Hyun is often asked about his departure from the famous YG Entertainment group Winner. His departure back in late 2016 shocked his fans, this has never happened before in a YG Entertainment group.

The interviewer was hesitant to ask about YG Entertainment but was pleased by how truthfully he answered every question about YG Entertainment and Winner.

He was asked about his departure from Winner, he said,

“There have been a lot of internal problems, because this is a business that involves people working together. I struggled mentally back then and it was really tough at that time, I also didn’t like the group’s life.

I don’t think its polite to clearly explain what happened back then and why I had left YG Entertainment to media outlets. But what I can clearly explain was that I didn’t make any big mistake, I had mental problems and there were musical disagreements. I decided to leave YG Entertainment; I had still 5 years on my contract so of course it was a loss for me that I left had the agency. Back then everyone tried to stop me from leaving, it didn’t happen because it was YG but it was just that I couldn’t stand the situation myself.”

He also spoke up about his relationship with Yang Hyun Suk and how he helped him out, he said,

“In any case, it’s a fact that the company that had brought me up was YG, it gave a lot of things. I had decided to leave with five years left on my contract but the boss let me out without giving me restrictions. He (Yang Hyun Suk) helped debut and he was the person to be thanked for.”

He also opened up about his allegedly bad relationship with Winner members, he clarified,

“From an objective point of view, I believe that Winner is a team with no real conflicts, so I was the only person who had a strong personality. The member always acted rationally. Winner is a very good team. From my point of view, there might have been musical differences and conflicts among members, but there were no disagreements/bad relationship.”

He was also asked about the debt he has to deal with since leaving YG Entertainment, about that, he said,

“If you are in Winner, of course it becomes a plus when it comes to profit distribution. But now I have a lot of fixed expenses to take care of such as office rent and salaries. I didn’t know about those when I was a part of YG, but now I know and have to pay for it since its my responsibility.”

What do you think of what Nam Tae Hyun said?

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  1. I love reading your thoughts on this matter. Not many people seems to understand his situation and rather I saw lots criticized him and accused him of so many things.

    Whether its a right or wrong choice for him to leave YG and Winner, no one can be the judge. He learned so much of that incident, in a good and bad ways.

    But am so proud of him that still not giving up on jis dream and love in music.

    I’m also wishing him the very best with South Club and hope that they will taste the success from their hardwork.

  2. I never cease to admire Nam Taehyun especially when he responds to interview questions in such a respectful manner. I miss him as a part of the original team however, I’m also glad that he chose to follow his own dream for himself. I do wish that interviewers would stop bringing up what happened, because although Winner members and Taehyun don’t really talk about it, the past may still affect them. I wish that both sides are respected and that people will just cheer them on with their own endeavours.


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