Korean-American MV Director Joseph Kahn Bashes BTS, Says They All Had Plastic Surgery And Wear Makeup


Famous Korean-American MV Director Joseph Kahn has a couple of thoughts he’d like to share to his following on twitter. He has some strong opinions to share about Koreans referencing BTS specifically.

He posted a picture of the boys and captioned,

“They all have plastic surgery. They all wear lipstick. This is what Crazy Rich Asians actually look like.”

He, as expected, received backlash for the way he spoke about BTS, aside from how wrong his statement is, he continued to share other series of tweets to ‘prove’ his point.

The second tweet he posted was a link to an article titled ‘South Korean men having plastic surgery to get ‘pretty boy’ looks and macho physiques of their K-pop and K-drama idols’

The article talks in details about South Korea’s obsession with plastic surgery and how men started getting surgery to look like ‘flower boys,’ the article itself links to a Korean video made by a known Korean company called TV Chosun that shows a man who went through many surgeries to look completely different.

He went on to share another article published by a site called Channel Korea, the article is titled ‘DID BTS MEMBERS ADDICTED ON PLASTIC SURGERY? COMPARE BEFORE AND AFTER PHOTOS.’

The article argues that two BTS members have indeed received plastic surgery comparing before and after photos.

MV Director Joseph Kahn seems to believe that indeed all Korean men wear makeup, he retweeted his BTS original tweet and captioned,



Fans started out by pointing that BTS all worked extremely hard to reach the status Joseph Kahn is talking about, BTS are not ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ as he refers. Fans know that many BTS members actually struggled financially before debut.

He is also claiming that all of them had plastic surgery, he pointed to an article that doesn’t directly say that BTS members had plastic surgery but gives before and after photos of Jhope and Jungkook seemingly hinting that indeed those two members got plastic surgery.

Aside from whether BTS members got surgery or not, I don’t think its right for a Korean-American to generalize his own people and put them under one umbrella.

There are idols that are naturally beautiful, I can’t deny that some idols do get plastic surgery but I don’t think he should’ve found it a problem even if they got.

Kpop idols wear wakeup and it can be considered strange to outsiders but so do many American artists but you don’t see anyone bashing them, fans don’t stop supporting them just because they wear makeup.

Here are some of the fans comments in reply to what he said,

“This isn’t a problem of men wearing lipstick or not. This is a problem with how you perceive masculinity, and yours is clearly very fragile.”

“I hope that some day you will realise that being nasty & aggressive on social media is not a healthy way to deal with your insecurities about your body and your masculinity. Here’s a song recommendation that will hopefully help you love yourself a bit”

“Bro that sounds racist, homophobic and you are clearly using an outdated definition of masculinity. It really makes me wonder why a grown man is trying to make belittle the accomplishments of a group of hardworking, talented young men that.”

“BTS are doing nothing but breaking down prejudice and stereotypes and music records left and right.  They are the epitome of what the world needs.  What the world has had enough though are people like yourself forcing an outdated social philosophy.”

The director is known for his works, he had previously worked on Taylor Swift’s MV “Bad Blood.”

Do you agree or disagree with him?


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