Kim Young Kwang Can’t Stop Talking About How Amazing Cute And Lovely Park Bo Young Is

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I think we can all just agree that Kim Young Kwang is the biggest fanboy of Park Bo Young.

The actor recently sat down for an interview with news outlet Newsen on August 9, he promoted his upcoming movie “Your Wedding.”

Kim Young Kwang had nothing but praise for his co-star Park Bo Young. He revealed that she played a role in his decision to choose this movie.

The two had previously shared the screen in “Hot Young Bloods,” but back then their characters had a rocky relationship and Kim Young Kwang had one-sided crush on Park Bo Young’s character.

He said,

“The character in the film is really similar to me. He’s playful and likes joking around he reminded me of myself back in high school, so I thought I could do a good job in this character. Also, Park Bo Young is doing it (so I also chose to do this film because of that).”

He talked about his amazing chemistry with Park Bo Young and pointed out that she has great chemistry with every actor she’s ever been paired with, he said,

“Park Bo Young always has great chemistry with her male co-stars. I thought I would be able to get a lot of help from her.

She is so nice and is always smiling and also creates a good atmosphere on the set. I didn’t have to do much throughout filming it wasn’t hard for me to react. She is amazing and she’s so cute and lovely.”

He also talked about their previous movie together “Hot Young Bloods” which was released back in 2014, about that he said,

“Back then I only met with Park Bo Young a few times; we didn’t have many scenes together. But this time we have a lot of scenes together, which made me pretty happy. We are comfortable around each other.”

Meanwhile, “Your Wedding” tells the story of a woman named Seung Hee (Park Bo Young) who believes in falling in love within the first 3 seconds and a man Woo Yeon (Kim Young Kwang) who believes that Seung Hee is the only one for him.

“Your Wedding” will premiere on August 22.

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