Kang Ki Young Of “Whats Wrong With Secretary Kim” Personally Reveals He’s In A Relationship


Actor Kang Ki Young has coolly admitted to being in a relationship in a recent interview.

On August 2nd he took part in an interview and he announced with a bright smile that he was dating, he said,

“I am dating. It has been a little over two years.

We have no thoughts on marriage as of yet, but if we continue well, I think marriage will probably come one day.I am 36 years old so I am not young anymore, I am dating responsibly.

My girlfriend is a non-celebrity; she is three years younger than me.”

When asked about her reaction to “Whats Wrong With Secretary Kim,” he said,

“My girlfriend thinks I met a great character, she gave me lots of compliments, so it gave me a lot of strength.”

What do you think of the shocking news?

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