It seems like Justin Bieber has found a new great artist to listen to.

On August 26, the singer was out and about with his fiancé Hailey Baldwin in Beverly Hills. He was caught by camera lenses while out with his fiancé on a date, he ran to a group of girls who happened to be fans of him and Kpop as well.

The girls started talking to him and he said,

“I just listened to this Kpop song last night, it was called ‘instagram’ have you heard it? It’s the first Kpop song I have ever heard.”

The girls added that he should try listening to “IDOL” the newest hit track of BTS, he replied,

“I want to listen to BTS. I heard they’re so tight. I gotta check em’ out.”

He kept conversing with the girls and they talked about BTS’s maknae Jungkook.

However, some older Kpop fans pointed out that “Instagram” wasn’t the first Kpop song Justin Bieber had listened to. They actually mentioned that he knew BIGBANG’s Gdragon.

Gdragon was actually a guest at Justin Bieber’s concert, he sang “Crayon.” The two were even supposed to collaborate on a song but it never came out.

Other fans pointed out that the girls Justin Bieber met were rude trying to push BTS so hard to Justin Bieber when he was talking about how nice Dean’s song is.

What do you think of this?



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