Jessi Shares Her Own Thoughts On Hyuna And E’Dawn Dating News, Says “Let Her Date Him”

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It seems like rapper Jessi is equally pissed like the rest of us international fans about the Korean fans reaction to HyunA and E’Dawn dating news.

On August 9, Jessi held a live chat with her fans on her instagram account. One of the topics she touched on was HyunA and E’Dawn dating news. The rapper is known for being vocal and outspoken, she rarely holds back and always tells it like it is, this made her one of Korea’s most beloved rappers by international fans.

She explained that idols are human too and that they deserve to date whoever they want to date, she said,

“Everyone can date whoever they are really f*cking want. We’re not little children.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an idol, like, listen, they do have a little bit of, you know, an image but she (HyunA) is old enough to date whoever the hell she wants and I think the fact that she came out and tell that she’s dating whoever, let her date him.”

She then concluded with a positive note saying that fans should allow them to be happy, she added,

“I’m just saying I just want people to let people be happy.”

Check out the video where she speaks about this:

What do you think of What Jessi said?

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