Jeon Somi’s Father Actor Matthew Douma has personally come forward to talk about his daughter’s departure from JYP Entertainment.

JYP Entertainment personally announced that their exclusive contract with Jeon Somi has been terminated earlier today, fans suspected there were bad intentions involved, but Matthew Douma has a different story to tell.

He sat down for an exclusive interview with Ilgan Sports to explain the departure and shut down rumors, he said that he was aware of the announcement on JYP’s official website and that the whole family was even present during the final talks at the company.

He clarified,

“We shook hands and hugged the employee at the company. We then went as a family and had ice cream with Somi’s manager. We decided to support each other.”

The father’s statement assures fans that JYP’s statement was correct. Both parties were well aware of what was going to happen, they had both agreed to terminate the contract.

What do you think of what her father said?

Source: Ilgan Sports


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