While “IDOL” MV surpasses another milestone on YouTube, some people have been complaining about the music video being too childish and too colorful, they also added that the CGI effects in the music video were very immature.

In response, Army had two probable reasons why the MV looks too colorful and has CGI that a lot might consider okay at best.

One of the reasons was because BTS wanted to play the stereotypes of Kpop MVs in general. The west has the perception that all Kpop MVs are super colorful and flashy, instead of trying to prove haters otherwise; BTS took that meaning and added their own twist confronting people about their origin as a kpop group not shying away from it or trying to cater to the west standards.

RM says in “IDOL” that he doesn’t care whether people called him an ‘idol’ or an ‘artist,’ he says that he’s fine with whatever and it doesn’t concern him one bit.

The MV colorful backgrounds and CGI looks obviously intentional, BTS can afford the best production team to work on better CGI scenes as well as tone down the bright colors.

Other internet users pointed out a possible different scenario. Going back to BTS’s collaboration with UNICEF on “Love Myself” Anti-Violence Campaign.

Back in October 2017, the boys announced it has joined forces with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in an anti-violence campaign dubbed LOVE MYSELF.

BTS have always talked about the importance of loving oneself, in “IDOL” they repeat this over and over again. Their campaign to end child violence relates to the MV.

The techniques used as well as the bright colors represent a form of child therapy. The colors might appear too childish to those who don’t know what BTS’s “Love Yourself” series is all about.

It’s obviously clear that BTS’s “IDOL” colors and poor CGI seem intentional because of how the MV turned out to be. Those two possible scenarios only made army even more proud of stanning such an amazing group that’s breaking stereotypes and standing up to haters the best way possible.


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