HyunA Cancels Another Highly Anticipated Appearance Because Of Her Dating News


It seems like it is over yet, the fallout from HyunA and E’Dawn dating news continue.

Another appearance for the popular rapper has been canceled; she was supposed to perform at this year’s “Youth Day Festival” but she has stepped down.

The event organizers, Youth and Future revealed in an official statement that HyunA is not going to participate,

“Less than a week is left until ‘Youth Day Festival’ we have been informed by HyunA’s agency that she won’t be participating because of agency’s internal circumstances.”

The festival will go on as planned on September 1 at 5 p.m. KST with performances by Dynamic Duo, Hong Jin Young, and WINNER at Yeouido Park.


This hasn’t been the first time that HyunA canceled an appearance due to ‘agency’s internal circumstances.’

Previously, Incheon K-pop Concert 2018 (INK Concert) announced a few changes to its lineup.

The notice was posted to the concerts official website which detailed the lineup changes details. It was revealed that HyunA, and PENTAGON’s E’Dawn and YanAn would not be present for the event.

E’Dawn had confirmed he was dating fellow labelmate HyunA in a statement to a news outlet and for some very weird reason, it was blown out of proportion.

It became so bad that Cube Entertainment announced E’Dawn is taking an indefinite hiatus from his group’s promotions.

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