The backlash of HyunA and E’Dawn dating news isn’t calming down so it seems!

The upcoming Incheon K-pop Concert 2018 (INK Concert) has announced a few changes to its lineup, and one of the changes to the lineup caught fans’ attention.

The notice was posted to the concerts official website which detailed the lineup changes details.

The original lineup was B.A.P, Nu’est W, AOA, Hwang ChiYeul, MOMOLAND, Jeong SeWoon, PENTAGON, (G)-IDLE, WEKI MEKI, PRISTIN, HyunA, SF9, Stray Kids, fromis_9, CLC, N.Flying and more.

It was revealed that HyunA and PENTAGON’s E’Dawn and YanAn would not be present for the event. It was also revealed that PRISTIN V would be performing instead of PRISTIN as a whole group.

The notice reads,

“Changes to the lineup have been made as a result of internal affairs with the agencies.

We apologize for causing concern to the fans that have been waiting for this event, we ask for your understanding.”

This is the second event that HyunA removed from and one of the many that E’Dawn has been removed from.

The first thing was Triple H’s canceled activities. After the news of HyunA and  E’Dawn were revealed on August 3rd, the group’s promotional activities were cut short and a fan signing event was canceled.

Following that E’Dawn was cut from the first fan club official meeting for Pentagon and their fans, and last night Cube Entertainment confirmed that he would not be taking part in any of his group’s upcoming activities in Japan.

All the statements of E’Dawn’s withdrawal from his group’s activities were attributed to ‘internal affairs/matters.’

However, this is the basically the first event that HyunA was cut from. International  Fans are taken back because they thought Korean fans wouldn’t be so angry at her, she has been in the entertainment industry for more than 10 years.’s-E’Dawn.jpg

It was thought to be that Korean fans would be a bit more ‘easy’ on HyunA if she ever admitted she was dating someone, it seems like that isn’t the case. A sunbae in this industry still suffers from backlash for finding love.

International fans are still shocked by the backlash HyunA and E’Dawn are receiving for simply admitting that they were dating each other.

The concert will be held on September 1st at the Incheon Munhak Stadium.

How do you feel about this?

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  1. I think everybody should be happy for them I feel like I’m the only one not hating on them, not to mention that they shouldn’t be removed either. I love them being together they are adorable together.


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